Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I do not like cleaning up vomit, but that is what I had to do this morning.  Poor Charlie was woken up in the middle of the night covered in his own vomit.  He ended up not sleeping much after that and just continued with the vomiting.  Most of his bedding has been washed and is now waiting for me to hang it all up to dry.  He seems to be feeling better, but I am still keeping a close eye on him. 

I was supposed to go back to R's today.  She called last night.  She has another deer that needs to be processed.  I sent her a text this morning saying we would not be able to help like I had wanted and told her about Charlie.  Even though it was there where we got exposed, she doesn't need re-exposure.

I have been super busy running myself ragged.  But, things need to get done and friends need help.  So, I do what I can when and where I can.  When I am able to stay home for more than five minutes, I do my best to make sure things around here get caught up.

Next week is Holy Convocation and we will (obviously) not be going.  I am really upset by this, but what am I going to do?

Remember that deer stand?  Well, Monday while there was no one here, someone came onto our property and took it.  We have a pretty good idea (idiotic neighbor who uses everyone) but have no concrete proof unless we see it in his front yard.  His yard is right on the road.  Our yard/house is half a mile off the road.  There is zero "I saw it as I was driving by."  Someone deliberately came up to our home and took something.  Theirs or not, they trespassed ignoring the "Keep Out" signs.  (Granted he also ignored those "No Hunting No Trespassing" signs to put the deer stand up to begin with.)  So, he is going to be paid a little visit.

Husband is still suffering from the cracked ribs.  He is slow moving and in pain.  He has a pretty good sized bruise too.

Great news!  Something wonderful happened that has not happened in months around here.  It rained night before last and lasted through yesterday morning!  We had rain that was more than a small 30 second drizzle! 

Anyway, that is life here right now.  Oh, and we got a propane fridge for free!  Now, we need to see if it works.


Anonymous said...

I will say a prayer for you all.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving