Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stupid Hunters!

Bad news:  There was hunting on our property this morning.
Good news:  We got us a tree stand.

The owner of the tree stand had to pass a whole line of "No Trespassing No Hunting" purple tape signs to set it up.  Jerk.  So, if he wants it back he will have to come see us.  Coming to see us would be an admission of guilt.  The signs are still there so it's not like this person could claim ignorance because of "someone else" removing the signs.

In other news, Husband has a possible broken rib.  He got kicked when checking Davarge's hooves.  Davarge was not liking it.  That's ok.  He stomped on my foot. 

Husband is going to go out in the morning and try to get us a deer.  We have a few sweet spots he is going to try.  The problem is we have to get the three stooges (three of the dogs) inside before he can go out otherwise they will track him.  And, they have to be kept in.

I rode Casey today.  She listens very well and obeys commands.  She still needs a slight hoof trimming, but other than that she has no problems with being ridden.  We do need to get rid of the rock in the animal area.  I'll have the children help me with that tomorrow afternoon.  We're going to gather it up and pile it along one side of the fence.

Charlotte still has not had her babies yet.  We're still waiting.  I have clean straw in with her and there is a whole new bale of fresh straw to put in for when she does have them.

Tomorrow evening is the board meeting for the battered woman's shelter.  Hopefully that will go smoothly.  I do have a few ideas that I want to share at the meeting.  One is keeping an advocate on the board and the other is having a police officer sit on the board.  I have others but those are the two big ones.

Well, the children are asleep and I am going to check on Husband's ribs.

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