Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am very tired.  I had a long day today. It was a good day, but a long day.  I spent the day with R helping her out.  This is officially a Tuesday and Thursday thing.  Today, Charlie came with me and he did his school work with no problems.  I need to go over his math with him tomorrow because he made "stupid" mistakes.  Basically, he did what I do when I am rushing.  He knows it, but he needs to pay better attention.

When we left R's, we went to Cub Scouts and I met a mom who has a newborn and is dealing with thrush so I spoke with her for a few minutes.  I gave her a few tips and told her to give me a call in a few days if it's not cleared up. 

At Scouts, only one Wolf showed up and we went over flag folding and did a flag folding ceremony.  With the pack, we also discussed Veteran's Day and what it means.  I also asked each of them who in their family served in the military and we covered that a bit.  I then went around asking "Who in your family has served in the military?"  Each of them answered (with one of them mentioning a brother in Iraq who has been shot) until we get to Charlie.  "Charlie, who in your family has served in the military?"  The little stinker looks as me, shrugs, and says "I don't know."  So I guess all these times we have spent at VA hospitals, Husband being a Disabled VET, having his skull smashed into his brain has totally bypassed Charlie.  Snot head.

I had been gone for close to 12 hours.  When I got home, Husband had dinner ready.  I am so thankful for him.  He also went to Yellville to talk with them about the gun and the guy sputtered and tried to say that it was too dry and needed oil.  Even oiled the thing is still a piece of crap.

I was annoyed with myself for not having a gun on the way home tonight.  There was a bobcat on the side of the road near our property line.  We could have had General Tso's Cat for dinner tomorrow and there would have been one less bobcat to have to listen to at night.


Human Ape Along for the Ride said...

You have been talking to me too much! General Tso's indeed. LOL!

Anonymous said...

They are better BBQd