Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My View on the Election

The Republicans now have control of Congress.  This is not a surprise.  Most people expected this.  So, what do I see happening?

The Democrats have controlled Congress for six or more years.  (I'm too tired/lazy to see if it was 2002 or 2004.)  Bush has been blamed for everything that has gone wrong.  And I am sure that there are some that blame him for the extinction of the dinosaurs. 

Quick lesson:
The POTUS does not have absolute control.  Everything has to go through and be approved of by both the House and the Senate before the POTUS can sign off on it.  Who had control during Bush?

Bush is still being blamed for everything Obama has done.  (Twisted logic in my opinion, but whatever.)  Who has had control of Congress during the entire time Obama has been in office?

What do I see happening now?  Not much.  More finger pointing.  More blaming.  I don't see the next two years as accomplishing much.  There has been too much damage for the past six to eight years in Congress to be fixed in the next two years.  Because these next two years are going to be spent finger pointing and blame passing while trying to put a small band-aid on a massive hemorrhage, when these next two years are up, Republicans are going to bear the brunt of the blame for everything that has happened over the past (by then) decade.

Bottom line is this country is spiraling out of control.  While I pray that this past election will slow the spiral, the spiral will continue. 

As for our personal lives, I discovered a wonderful thing.  The generator can handle the load of the freezer and the washing machine at the same time no problem!  So, while I am running the generator for the freezer, I can do a load of laundry.  Because we now know the generator can handle the freezer I did a monthly shopping today.  I also picked up a case of kale that had been ordered for me which also went in the freezer.  So we now know just what it takes to run the two biggest drains on electricity and can plan accordingly with the windmills.  It also means more gas for the generator right now, but with the gas that we had been using to buy groceries for the next couple of days (which also costs more shopping that way) we are saving money doing this.

Charlie made his first full meal tonight.  We had tacos and he was told what to do to cook the hamburger, then he shredded the lettuce, got everything set up (we forgot tomatoes) and called everyone in.  We kept the first meal he chose simple and he did very well.  We praised him and I told him that while he was doing that, he helped me a great deal because I was able to get a load of laundry going and do a few other things.  Husband stayed close while he was cooking the hamburger to make sure he didn't burn himself so he wasn't unsupervised.  But he did do it and he did well.  I'm very pleased.

What's funny is when we got up this morning, I asked him if he knew what today was and he said "Wednesday!"  When I asked him if he knew what he meant, he eagerly said "It means I get to cook all the meals all by myself!"  Not quite, Son.  Just dinner. 

I went to the bank today to get money out to pay a couple of bills and the lady there had said there was new something or other and as a result, our street address is "Invalid" and if there is no actual street address then directions are needed to our house.  So I told her that the street is an actual road and gave her directions to put in the computer.  As I'm telling her, she's laughing.

"Follow ___ around until you get to the first ATV trail.
Cross over the trail into a clearing.
At the clearing, follow the half mile long logging trail.
At the end of the trail is where we are.
Watch out for two foot high tree stumps, rock shelves, and very large rocks.
Drive it at your own risk."

I then whimpered something about my poor van.

She wrote it all down and said "If this is what they want, this is what they'll get."

Tomorrow is Thursday which means I don't have to cook.  R is cooking and we will all meet at D's.  We all take turns cooking for our Thursday get together.  Last week was my turn.  My next turn is on the 18th. 

I had to turn down a couple of hogs today.  They are a year old and the boar is ready to butcher in about a month.  The sow is either pregnant or old enough to become pregnant.  Both of them for $100.  Excellent price, but we don't have a place set up for them.

I am looking forward to spring when we will have our filly.  We are getting a filly and she will be weaned in the spring.  We will raise her and train her ourselves (with the help and guidance of R) and next year we can breed her with Davarge and we'll have mules.  We are going to do three breedings and by the time each breeding happens, each child will be ready to help train and ride their own animal.  Once we have the third foal, we'll castrate Davarge.  Equine can live to be 20 or more years old easily.  These are going to be working animals.  They will help us get around the property easier as well as help pull things not to mention in the event of an ice storm, they will be able to navigate around places vehicles would not be able to go.

It is getting past my bedtime so I am going to hop off here.

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