Monday, November 1, 2010


We got some errand running done today and along with the windmill being up, we also have the generator running for the small chest freezer.  The genny is able to handle the freezer!  YAY!  This means we will be able to buy more than a couple of days at a time.  We will be able to buy bulk and freeze food!  This not only makes me happy, this is also a sigh of relief.  With the night time temps starting to fall below 30, we will crack the freezer door to let the cold air in and run the genny during the day for a couple of hours to keep it frozen.  Even if the night temps don't fall low enough, we know from experiments in Indiana that two hours running will keep it frozen.  So, actually, theoretically we should be able to go without running it if the night temps are low enough.  Hmmm.

We bought me a small handgun today for my own personal conceal carry and after firing it, I don't like it.  It's a .22 which is and of itself is fine.  .22s are small and easy to handle and easy to conceal.  This particular handgun is not chambering right and seems to get stuck.  So, I looked this gun up.  I'm wanting to take it back.  It's a Jimenez.  Apparently, they have a bad reputation of basically falling apart and causing damage to the operator.  Lovely. 

At least I know this now before I have to worry about having to actually use it for something besides target shooting.  I wish there were a way to test-fire guns before buying them.  In some places you can.  I have not found that around here.  I did find out that around here, you can buy a gun at a pharmacy.  I was talking with one of the ferry operators (Arkansas DOT/Coast Guard Certified) and they were telling me about some of the pharmacies that do this.  I laughed and made the comment of "Go in, pick up your Zoloft and buy a handgun all in one stop." 

But, I am definitely taking this back and going to be looking at revolvers.  A six-shooter holds the same as this .22 that I have.

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