Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Horses and Thanksgiving

So I'm out riding today and doing ok for a green horn and when the ride comes to an end, Flashy (the horse) decided to load herself into the trailer.  WITH ME ON HER BACK STILL!  She is not going to listen to me and I can't turn her fast enough and she keeps going.  I am leaning way back pulling on the reins and she keeps going into the trailer.  Panicked, I reach up and grab the top of the door to the trailer.  She keeps walking to the nose of the very long (holds six horses) trailer and I just basically slide off her back and feet out of the stirrups and just hang there until she is out from under me completely.  Everyone is a bit shocked and I am left laughing hysterically because it is something out of some movie stunt or something and I doubt I could repeat that move if I tried.  However, we did still have four horses to load (too bad Flashy wasn't one of them) and I said "Line 'em up and I'll ride them in."

It's probably one of those had to be there moments, but it is funny.  One minute I'm on the horse, the next I am hanging from the roof of a trailer.

By the way, I did find one draw back to cloth pads.  They cause friction burn when riding.  So, I don't think I'll be riding again when I have my period.  This stinks because I enjoy riding and as I learn how to have a horse obey my voice, I know I will enjoy it more.

Asked why I was nervous on a horse that has a nervous personality, and the answer is pretty simple.  I'm not afraid of being thrown or kicked or stomped.  I'm not afraid of falling.  I'm afraid of breaking.  I've had broken bones.  My bones break fairly easily.  But, if I continue to be nervous mounting a nervous horse, the horse will pick it up and act accordingly.  So, I need to calm down and if I break something, so be it.  If I can manage to break my elbow painting, I am sure I will break something while dealing with horses.  If that happens, oh, well.  We'll deal with it.  As long as it doesn't happen before M gives birth so I can make the drive to Indiana.

I have been learning a lot while helping R.  She is doing a lot of the stuff we have been planning on doing and watching her, I am learning how to do it.  She has also been teaching us about horses and how to train them.  Basically, she is training us to train horses.  She cooks on a wood stove and bakes bread in it.  (She has an electric stove as well for summer use.)  She also keeps hot water on the stove and on the barrel wood heater.  Her hot water tank went out several months back and they haven't had the time to fix it and has been just keeping water on the barrel and the wood stove and functioning that way no problem.  Sounds familiar.  While they are not off grid, they still live a simplified life. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  The children have this book about three pilgrims and three Indians and the first Thanksgiving and them being wonderful life-long friends.  I looked at it and told them that this was the biggest load of hogwash.  Tomorrow, we will celebrate, as we do everyday, the friends that we have and be thankful for what we have been blessed with. 

I realize that we as humans need to find a reason to gather with friends and family to eat a lot and hang out.  We should be thankful everyday for our friends and family and let them know it.  Don't wait for some holiday to tell them.  There is going to be a family tomorrow who will be missing a loved one.  Saturday, he got into a head-on collision with someone I know.  He was from Kansas City.  I doubt he knew these roads.  He was on a motorcycle driving on the wrong side of the road and ran head first into the truck.  He was DOA.  The bike and truck are both totalled.  The pick-up driver (person I know) was not at fault.  Yet, he is spending this Thanksgiving knowing intellectually that he was not at fault, that it could not be prevented, yet he was driving the truck that killed a person.  He's "fine."

Go ahead and pig out on turkey, pie, stuffing, etc.  Enjoy your family and friends.  Be thankful for them everyday and let them know everyday that you are thankful for them.

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