Sunday, October 31, 2010

Party anyone?

It is a time for celebration!  We got home yesterday and Husband had the windmill up!  YAY!  Now, we just need wind to turn it.  I am very happy! 

At Daisies yesterday, Bethany and Hannah were the only ones who were not in a Halloween costume.  I told them that people are playing dress-up and are going to look kinda funny.  I reminded them that they sometimes play dress-up like when Bethany does her princess/karate fighting thing.

I was kind of disappointed that people did not separate the party yesterday (birthday for the founder of Daisies or Girl Scouts of whatever) with halloween.  Granted, people went from there to trunk or treating at various places, but still.  There was plenty of time after what was supposed to have been a birthday party and the start of many of the trunk or treating events.

Today, we had church here and the other family that does home church joined us.  We will be going back and forth taking turns.  One thing is for sure.  We aren't having to listen to "The World Is Going To End In A Ball Of Fire In 2012" preaching and all that other stuff.  We sing songs, read scripture, and talk about it.  Then, we have lunch together and hang out for the rest of the day while the children play.  They got here around 10:30 or 11:00 and stayed until after 5:00. 

Tomorrow is the first so we will be bill paying and I plan on grocery shopping.  I am wanting to clean out the small chest freezer and run the generator to get it frozen inside.  Then, run the generator for two hours a day to keep it frozen.  I think that is how long we had it going back in Indiana.  It was on a timer and two hours a day on the timer kept it frozen.  The real question is can the generator handle the freezer?

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