Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yesterday, I got the van looked at and the part to fix the thing is over $250.  You add in 2-3 hours of labor at $40 per hour and ouch!

We got a few other things taken care of and went to pick up some things for kale soup and the store has no fresh kale.  Ok.  So I go to the frozen food section.  Nothing.  The closest I come is canned mustard greens.  Swallowing back my fresh food snobbery, I grab a few cans. 

We go to Gainesville today and look in their produce section.  While slightly larger than Theodosia, they also have no kale.  Or collards.  Or mustard.  Or turnip greens.  I go to frozen.  Nothing.  I go to canned.  I find turnip greens.  *Sigh.*

I talk to the head of the produce department and he said that when they do have these greens, they often get thrown away.  We get to talking and he is going to order me a case of kale and I am going to make lots of kale soup and can it.  He also gave me his business card.  He is a local natural/organic farmer.  SCORE! 

While I was at the grocery store, Husband went to the thrift store.  The children now have shoes with no holes in them.  Until next week when they wear through these shoes.  He got several pairs per child.  He also found a pair of boots for himself.  He let Charlie loose in the book section and Charlie scored big on books.  He got books for himself and his sisters.  Husband went over there and found some books for me which look like I will enjoy.

The "kale" soup was a hit tonight.  Although I used canned ingredients, it still tasted ok.  Not as good as fresh, but not bad either. 

Mustard Greens
Turnip Greens
Kidney Beans
Portugese Sausage
Turkey Stock

R ate I don't know how many bowls.  I had two.  Husband had two.  D had one.  B had two.  Plus, we had salad and the children (hers and mine) dug into the salad.

We almost had the windmill up.  There was just one problem.  The tower could not support the weight of the windmill so it will be going up on the roof.  The tower bent quite badly.  Thankfully, the windmill is ok.

I've been bad with blogging lately.  We've just been so busy that I barely have time to check my mail much less sit and blog.  I will try to get better.  Meanwhile, I need to go clear clean laundry off the bed and get stuff set up for tomorrow.

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