Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Past couple of days.

I did plan to blog yesterday.  Honest.  But, I got a phone call from a new friend of mine saying she was making cheese and would I like to help her.  She makes hard cheese and I have never been very good at it.  I do better with soft cheeses.  So, with the hopes of learning a few tips or tricks, I said yes.

Then, I get there and discover that somehow or other, I missed the fact that she is about four months pregnant.  And, she has been spotting.  All this on top of having an 8 month old, 2 year old, and 3 year old.  Yes, she's breastfeeding. 

So, I spend the day with her and try to get her to sit.  It doesn't work.  (She's like me.)  So now, I have to call all my friends in Indiana who have gotten on my case about doing too much and jeopardizing my health simply because I refused to sit and take a break.  Everything has to get taken care of RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

I did learn a few things.  One is that it is possible to make cheese on a wood stove.  The other is that I now know where there is an Amish family that not only has goats for sale, but also has a tack shop and makes saddles and bridles to order.  And, he has wagons that I am wanting to examine rather closely.

Today was the first La Leche League meeting and the only one that showed up was R.  (The above named person I was just talking about.  This is a completely and totally different R from the bat-crazy pathological liar that we kicked out of here.) 

I did find out while I was setting up that there is a person on the school board that wants me to go into the high school that and provide breastfeeding education.  With a school population (K through grade 12) of 200 and about 50 of those are the entire high school (grades 9 - 12) and a teen pregnancy rate of 3 per year (not a lot number-wise but percentage, it is pretty high) she is wanting me to provide education.  Kind of a "Look, teen pregnancy should not be happening.  But, if you are going to get pregnant and have babies, give these babies a fighting chance."

I will have it be a bit more tactful and try to use the law to my advantage.  A woman has a right to breastfeed without fear of harassment pretty much anywhere.  So, let these teen moms breastfeed.  Find some way to make that happen.  The Lactation in the Workplace law allows a nursing mother to pump.  Teachers and schools often describe students going to school as their "job."  Well, if they are going to school as their "job" then it should follow that the schools should provide places and times for these teen moms to pump.

I need to work this a bit more in my head and format it better.  So, we will see.

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