Friday, October 29, 2010

Shooting a Gun

I enjoy shooting for sport.  I enjoy hunting.  I've shot animals for meat.  I've even stood by as an animal was shot to put it down.  However, this is the first time I had to shoot another person's animal to put it down.  It was a horse.  His name was Houdini.  He should have been put down a couple of days ago, but the owners were hoping against hope that he would turn a corner and get better.  But he wasn't.  He was spiralling down fast.  I had a talk and was told that although she agreed and understood, she herself could not do it.  So, I was handed the rifle and took care of it.

I hate having to do that.  I know it's necessary, but I still hate it.

This lady (and family) I have been helping has also been helping us.  I got some loose hay from them today and they are needing help with haying.  Some of the stuff required to do the job R can not do while pregnant.  So, Husband will see if he can help and in exchange we get to share the hay.  We are also going to help butcher a pig for some of the meat.  I was telling them that they are being way too generous and was scoffed at.  "Look at what you are doing!  Besides, people helping people is part of being a community."  Ok, ok.  I don't mind giving.  I still have a hard time receiving. 

I got a phone call from our neighbors I don't care about asking if I was going to Gainesville tomorrow for a Halloween thing.  I told her that we don't celebrate Halloween.  "Oh, well, we don't either, but this is a church thing."  I knew exactly what she was talking about and told her it was a Halloween event.  As such, we will not be going.  She was not happy with me.  Even though I told her we were not going, she was still hoping I would drive her and her family to this event.  I said no to that as well. 

Last night got down in the 20s.  The wood burner worked well.  There are still cracks in the cabin along some seams that need to be caulked, but we did not suffer.  While it was "chilly," it was warmer than our bedroom in New Goshen.  That bedroom needed a space heater to get warm in the winter. 

We have some oak that burns long.  The only problem is the coals can't get down too low otherwise we will need to throw cedar on.

Quick lesson:
Cedar = hot, fast burn
Oak = long, slow burn

Cedar = get fire going or cooking
Oak = heat for warmth

If you want to fry eggs or make pancakes, use cedar.  If you want to simmer a stew, use oak.  Now you know the basics of wood cooking and wood heat. 

Tomorrow starts modern gun for deer.  Since it's hunting season, does this mean I can shoot the hunters?

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