Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Of course

I brag on Charlie yesterday and he drags his feet today. 


He keeps finding something - anything - to do besides his schoolwork.  He knows what needs to be done and he is just not interested in it today. 

Sounds like things are getting back to normal. How is Georges spider bites coming along? Other than spinning what is Bethany doing as far as school work. I imagine that is a challenge for the little wiggle worm. The wheels are spinning way ahead of what her mouth can catch up with. You can see it in her eyes.

Questions from my SIL. 

Husband's feet are doing much, much better.  They are all but healed.  They would probably be 100% healed if he didn't do things like get out of bed, put shoes on, and walk.  They get a nice scab and the scab gets rubbed off.  So healing is taking a bit longer than I would like, but the way it has been healing is phenomenal.  I am very impressed.

Bethany does simple math and copying from some of her favorite books to practice her writing.  She does much of what Charlie did at this age.  She loves doing schoolwork and begs me to set her up with work all day long.  I can't keep up with her some days.  She loves to draw and color as well.  She is sounding words out to try to spell them and while phonetically correct, it is way off with the actual spelling of the word.  She wants to be further ahead than what she is.  The desire is there.  It is just waiting for the capability to catch up with the desire. 

Hannah just sits and colors and draws and that makes her happy.  When she asks for schoolwork, I write out letters and numbers for her to copy.  Sometimes that makes her mad because she wants "Schoolwork like Charlie."  She refuses to listen to the fact that Charlie's schoolwork will be her schoolwork in a few years, but to get there, she has to start here.  No dice.  She wants it NOW!

We are having a scout meeting this afternoon to kick off popcorn sales time.  I am looking forward to and not looking forward to this.  I hate selling door to door.  I am going to be the same way with girl scout cookies.

Speaking of scouts, I need to get going.

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