Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wonderful News

Husband had a follow up appointment today at the VA clinic and included in this was a blood draw.  No one told us it was supposed to be fasting.  I had asked when the appointment was made if it was supposed to be fasting and was told no.  So, on the way there, we picked up breakfast (not the healthiest of choices since it included a bag of mini donuts for the children to share) and he had a cup of coffee with sugar and a cinnamon raisin roll with icing on it.  An hour later, he had his blood draw and it was 110.  Holy cow!  God is amazing.  He still is working in our lives and healing my husband. 

We got a phone call from our neighbor about some sheep.  All of our sheep scattered the night I took Husband to the hospital.  We have been working on getting them back.  We are getting "Sheep Sighting" reports from people out here on the peninsula.  It is rather amusing in a way.  Frustrating in another way since we are talking about our sheep that are loose.

We have the wood burner and the wood stove both set up and it works nicely.  We have heat through the night and a cooking surface during the day.  We are going to need burner plates or whatever for the wood burner.  Meanwhile, we have cast iron skillets over the openings on the top.

I have been figuring out due dates for the animals and the dogs (thanks to Sarge being hyper and me not being allowed to take the band castrator to him) are due at the end of November.  The goats are due during the week of Bethany's and my birthdays.  In checking out due dates, I looked up mammoth donkeys and I hurt my brain.  Apparently, there is a market for donkey milk.  I am NOT getting a mammoth jennet and I am NOT milking a donkey.  I will not milk a donkey, I will not milk a donkey, I will not milk a donkey.  I don't care what the stuff on the internet said.  I am not milking a donkey.

What had led to this discovery about donkey milk was the possibility of getting a jennet and breeding them just long enough to have a donkey for each of us.  But after seeing that about the donkey milk, my mind screamed, imploded, and shut down.

I wonder if it's possible to milk a dog?


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