Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm impressed

Charlie did all of his schoolwork with no argument.  He stayed on task and was done by 11:00.  He did very well only asking for help when he truly needed it.  We even sat down and discussed his Social Studies.  The text is focusing on American History.  What is even more impressive is the Social Studies, Math, and Language Arts are all 5th grade.  He does not realize that what he was doing today for math was beginning algebra. 

Bethany had her spinning today.  She really enjoys it.  I took the opportunity to get water, gas for the generator, and took the truck in because the tire was near flat and there was a screw in the tire.  I was going to take Bethany for a treat at Flynn's but they close at 3:00 and it was 3:15.  So, I went grocery shopping instead.  Not the fun adventure I was looking to have with Bethany, but she had her own adventure regardless.  One of the great things about small town is everyone knows everyone and Bethany being the charmer she is knows everyone and pretty much has free reign to go up to the people in the office and hang out and talk.

I am off to research cerebral palsy and breastfeeding.  If anyone knows anything, please let me know.

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IMLS said...

Sounds like things are getting back to normal. How is Georges spider bites coming along? Other than spinning what is Bethany doing as far as school work. I imagine that is a challenge for the little wiggle worm. The wheels are spinning way ahead of what her mouth can catch up with. You can see it in her eyes.
Well the rotorooter got done with a clean bill of health. Tomorrow morning They go down the esophagus, stomach and duodenum (EGD) and see why the difficulty swallowing. Probably due to the webbing again. With our family hx. it is scary. You ought to see the new patient gowns for outpatient surgery. they have an area down the inside middle and across the top that is like a balloon and they connect it up to a hairdryer like thing which then warms the gown. VERY NEAT for someone who is cold all the time without being in the refrigerated surgery suite.
Well going to get back to bed. Talk at you tomorrow. Love to all