Monday, October 4, 2010

Charlie Homeschooling

Charlie wanted to do his schoolwork without us telling him what to do so I decided to start writing out what is expected of him on the dry erase board the night before.

Since we scored big and got some text books and workbooks to replace the schoolbooks that R's cats had ruined and R never bothered to even offer to replace (long story) we are in a way starting over and working with books again rather than the back-up worksheets that I have.

We have also been talking about the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.  While I don't expect him to understand it, he is capable of reading so we are working on reading that.  I have a copy of both in a booklet from Hillsdale College.  (If you call them, they will send a copy for free.)

We also have a Physics book.  Well, that's what is says on the front cover.  On the inside, it says The Big Book Of Boy Stuff.  I read through it and knew right away it was perfect for Charlie.  It is a perfect balance of gross, funny, disgusting, inventive, and just plain fun.  It is also scientifically sound and a lot can be learned.  (Just don't tell Charlie.)

Charlie's schedule for today.  (Line through it means it is done.)

Big Boy Activity #1
Sea Discovery Poetry P11
Language Arts P3 (workbook)
Math P35 (workbook)
Science PP S2-S5
Social Studies P18-21
Declaration of Independence first 2 paragraphs
Bible Proverbs 1; Psalms 1-5

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