Monday, October 18, 2010

Bethany had her spinning today and as usual, she loved it.  She loves her spinning teacher and loves showing off what she learns. 

I got fliers made up for the upcoming new La Leche League meetings and handed one to the spinning lady.  Since she and her husband run the local newspaper, I asked them to put copies into Friday's edition.  Then on Monday or Tuesday, they will run a small blurb in the classifieds community events area.

The house is still coming along.  More and more gets does each day.  The days are getting shorter and the last couple of hours of the day is spent gathering, chopping, and splitting wood for winter.  We fire up the wood burner every night now just to keep the chill out.  It actually gets quite toasty at night with it going.  But, getting in the habit now of getting up during the night to feed it when it is not critical makes it easier to continue doing it when really cold weather hits.  Thankfully, the really cold weather around here only lasts a couple of months, but with this being our first winter that we are headed into, we want to be prepared.  I would rather have a large surplus of wood stacked and ready to go than have to go scrounging through ice and wind (as winters have been described here) to gather wood and have to try to burn it wet. 

We are looking at rain all day tomorrow.  It is supposed to start during the night.  That means limited outdoor work and cramped indoor work.  While the children might enjoy playing outside in the rain, I don't enjoy the mud they bring in.  So I will be keeping clean, dry clothes handy by the door.

I have the coffee pot set to go on the wood burner in the morning as well as a pot of water to make oatmeal.  They are both on stand-by and will go on around 5:30 or 6:00.  I have chili that I just started that will cook during the night and through the day tomorrow.  So, we will have the wonderful aroma of burning wood (which I love the smell of) along with chili simmering all night long to fill the cabin.  Life is good.

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