Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Friends

The "New-new" neighbors (the ones who moved here the beginning of this month) are, from what I've seen so far, wonderful people.  We went there yesterday to help them with a couple of things and found ourselves -five hours later- scrambling to get to Scouts.  Time just flew.  It didn't seem like we were there for more than an hour or two at most. 

Last night, we got more water and filled their water jugs for them.  Only to have some fall off the back of the truck and break.  I felt horrible.  They were wonderful about it and told us to not worry about it.  However, we are still going to replace the 5-gallon water bottle for them. 

There is a grove of pecan trees near here on the take line and they are loaded!  We are going to be going later with a couple of buckets and fill them up.  I am drooling thinking about them. 

Three loads of laundry got done today and I have enough laundry for another two loads.  Yeesh!  How does it pile up so fast?

We have the stock pots on the wood stove and they are filled with water.  I am looking forward to a nice hot bath later.  The children will all be getting baths as well.  I am going to have to wait until the children are in bed for my bath.  Although the tub is set up and can drain and all that, there are no walls for the bathroom yet.  I like my privacy when I bathe.  I'm selfish that way.

I've been taking time each night after the children are in bed to spend at least a few minutes (one length of thread) to sew and in a few days, Bethany had a new skirt.  I finished it Tuesday night and she wore it yesterday.  I am learning a few things sewing by hand.  It is hard to keep a straight line when you don't have an iron to make the creases.  Drawstrings work just as well as elastic for the waist of the skirt.  Keeping the stitches small and tight is tedious.  But, a skirt got done and the repair pile will start going down which will allow me to start in on other projects.

Next week, I am going to be taking the van in to get looked at.  Going through tires like I have been is getting tiresome.  (Pun not intended.)

Charlie is getting to do something few children today get to do.  Look up words in an old fashioned dictionary.  He has vocabulary words and he needs to look up each word and use it in a sentence.  He doesn't need to write out the definition, but he does need to look them up.  Using the word in a sentence lets me know he understands the word more than any copying of the definition could.  I'm sure book dictionaries are all but obsolete right now, however, knowing how to look things up is a skill he will need for life. 

There is not much else going on here.  The Scout bottle rocket launch is Saturday and Cub Scout meeting times are going to be moved due to afterschool tutoring on Tuesdays.  We just don't know when yet.

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Lar said...

You'll be pleased to hear we use book dictionaries here too! I had to buy no less than 4 for my eldest son when he started senior school! There are many skills to be learned from looking up the meanings of words.