Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have some kitchen shelves!  We will need more screws to put up more shelves, but now I don't have to dread grocery shopping.  Up till this point, it has been grocery shopping and keeping everything in banana boxes.  (McFarlins puts peoples groceries in boxes unless they are only getting a few things.  Then they will put the stuff in a bag.)

The down side is it doesn't stop the goats from getting in the groceries.  So, I am going to have high up shelves for the boxed stuff.  Yes, I know keeping the goats out of the house will help with that.  But, Mr. Saan has learned that all he has to do is head-butt the door and it pops open.  Dead bolts are now on the list. 

We don't have to lock our doors due to fear of the criminal element.  We have to lock our doors because the wild life knows how to open them.  I can just imagine that call.

"911, what's your emergency."
"I'd like to report a robbery."
"What was stolen?"
"My food."
"....  Do you have a description of the suspect?"
"Horns, hooves, fur.  There may have been an accomplice with claws and fangs."

Since there is no 911 here, I don't have to worry about making that phone call.  However, if this goat keeps breaking in, I am going to kill him.  Then eat him.  And whatever is left over, I will can into stew meat.

Oh, I did find out why I am hearing 22s during bow season around here.  It's also bobcat season.  Bear season has come and gone so we missed out on that.  Oh, well.  Next year.

Speaking of wildlife, we have reluctantly adopted a cat.  R had left a cat behind when she moved out.  We finally caught the thing and I ran into her that afternoon.  I told her we caught her cat and where would she like me to leave it  I also mentioned that it was turning feral. 
"I can't deal with that right now."

You abandon all your cats for weeks at a time.  I get fed up with the mess they are making and give you an ultimatum.  You refuse to accept any kind of personal responsibility.  I boot your butt out (after insulting me, my home, and my family) and gather all your cats for you except this one that we couldn't catch (and you couldn't be bothered with even trying to catch) and we finally catch it and you can't be bothered.  Good grief.  This is a living thing.  Not some piece of crap possession that you can pick up and put down at a whim.

So, since she can't be bothered, we now have a cat.  And, it seems that since she now knows this is home and we aren't going to chase her to try and catch her, she is now hungry for attention and affection.  Not surprising given where she came from.  And what she came to.  (1 cat + 7 dogs)

We need to get rid of some dogs.  We never wanted this many.  The dogs were part of a package deal and I couldn't leave them either.  They were 4 of 30 - 40 other dogs.  Many of who were feral and vicious.  Two are affectionate.  Amanda more so that the others.  The male still seems very much like a puppy even though he is 100 pounds.  He still won't let anyone pet him, but he does lick your fingers and pounce around you.  There is one female we have not been able to get near yet.

Yesterday, Davarge and I had a disagreement.  I wanted to ride him.  He didn't want to be ridden.  Guess who ended up landing hard on the ground?


Anonymous said...

Ouch. The ground is hard on body parts.

♥ Michelle said...

Cat might be a good thing if you ever have rodent problems out there :)