Sunday, October 10, 2010


Perfect score.  That is how I would rate today and the day reflects that.

At church this morning, the commander of the VFW approached me and said that the board voted unanimously to allow me to have LLL meetings there without paying their normal $10/hour fee.  He said "You are doing a good thing and you have a good heart."  I gave him a big hug of thanks and gratitude.

The foliage is starting to really show and although not brilliant in color, it is perfect the way it is right now.  The brilliance will come in another few days. 

The weather was perfect for the day we had.  Although work was done on a Sunday, it was work that needed doing and did not require going up on a roof.

The other perfect thing that happened today was one of our lost sheep showed up.  Although badly tore up, she is standing, walking, peeing, and pooping.  She has been given an injection of abx, Vit B, and her wounds (claw and puncture) have been treated with an antiseptic goop to keep flies off of her while she heals.

God has definitely given me a perfect 10 for today.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you got your sheep back