Friday, October 8, 2010

Not much going on today.  The fence got moved today and will be set back up tomorrow.  Three loads of laundry got done.  More boxes and bins got sorted through.  Charlie did his schoolwork and we reviewed what he's done so far and he is doing very well.  He has an understanding of what he is doing.

We finished reading The Declaration of Independence and in reading it and reading some of the news today, it makes me wonder just how many people have read The Declaration of Independence and understand how it came about.  Do they have no understanding of history?  I read the news and my brain just screams and implodes. 

I'm sure it will be happening even more as we read and study the Constitution.  I told Charlie that I don't expect him to fully understand it right now, but he should be familiar with it and as we continue to study these in the future, his understanding will grow.

By the way, my room is clean!  A lot of stuff got sorted through.  As bins got emptied, they became useful for something else.  One of the bins that got sorted through and emptied now holds hats, gloves, scarves, etc.  It beats the cloth bag the stuff was in.  And, come spring, a lid goes on it, and it gets stored.  Another bin is holding the diatomatious earth.  We had gotten a 50# bag that got ripped, so when the bin was sorted and emptied and stuff put away, I put a trash bag in the bin to line it and put the d. earth in it.

As I said, all laundry got done and except for the last load (which just finished spinning) it is all on the line.  I also have an empty laundry basket from sorting through stuff.  Did I mention that we still had a lot of stuff in bins and boxes?  We still have more stuff to go through, but it is coming together.  The wii got set up the other day and runs no problem with the generator.  I just need to get batteries for the balance board.  (The generator was running for a few other things and I decided to set up the wii just for fun.)  We do need to move things around a bit so there is more room in front of the television.  Things are too close with the wii.

The children are getting ready for bedtime routine so I need to get going.  Progress is being made not just outside and structurally, but internally as well.  Things are finding homes and getting sorted and more organized.  That is making me very happy.

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IMLS said...

Sorry this is kinda late answering you blog, mostly I have been checking FB and that not until Wed. It is good to hear Charlie and the girls are back on track with school work. Do you still want the things I printed out for Arkansas? If so I'll send them to you. Had the roto-rooter Monday and except for stuff that just happens to O.F. (old fogies)it was pretty good news. Tues. not as good, There is an esophageal ulcer. Beings I've had that before and considering what happened to Arth it is slightly scary. I am finally off all the Lovenox injections which covered having to be off Coumadin. Now starting back on the Coumadin.
Vicki is in Oklahoma with the family putting their father to rest. It was a nice memorial service for a very nice man. He like Vic was a very giving person. Well better close for now. Love to all.