Friday, September 17, 2010

Today was a stay at home day.  Husband's foot is doing much better.  He got bit by something venomous and with the activated charcoal, we got the venom out.  He went from sick, feverish, chills, to him and his foot feeling better in a few hours.  When he is upward and mobile, he is putting honey on it to help prevent infection.  Otherwise, when he is resting and his foot is up, he is still using the charcoal.  I also had him taking a tablespoon of charcoal every few hours to get rid of any toxins within his system.  And yes, I made sure he was not taking his medications and the charcoal at the same time. 

Among the things that got accomplished today, we moved the washing machine off the front porch so we have our porch back.  The wood stove is going and we've managed to keep it going all day.  I'd like to keep it going all night as well.  But with the small fire box, that is going to be difficult.  We are going to need to work up a schedule of getting up in shifts to feed the fire. 

I also got to stay in bed until 10:00 thanks to my wonderful, sweet husband.  I've been functioning on exhausted and before it caught up with me too bad, Husband made me go back to bed this morning. 

"But I have things to do!" 
"And I said go back to bed."
"Bed.  Now."

He even took the children on a small walk.  He couldn't go too far because of his foot.  But he did have a nice (and painful) walk with the children.  He took his nap this afternoon. 

We are working on a parts list for the next pay cycle of things we need.  Among them is stick tiles for at the very least the kitchen.  The sub flooring is getting tiring with cleaning up spills.  If we can get the linoleum tiles for the kitchen, cleaning up spills will be much easier.

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