Saturday, September 18, 2010


Coyotes - Check
Mountain Lions - Check
Bobcats - Check
Bears - Check
Wild Boar - Check
Wolves - Check
Now, tarantulas.  Really.  And, there is a tarantula mating season.  And they are mating in my FRONT YARD!  We are driving down our driveway coming home and there is a tarantula there in the middle of the driveway.  Husband gets out to get a picture of it and it is slowly walking towards the van.  I am backing up and it is walking towards me.  Does it think the van is another tarantula?  Does it think that the number of people in it is equal to a couple of tarantulas?  Is it attracted to my wonderful odor?  Do I need a shower?  Does it have species confusion issues?  Why is this thing following me?  Does it think that it is driving me away?

After Husband got the pictures, he stomped it so whatever issues it had, it no longer needs to worry.  However, that is just one of many tarantulas around here.

Tarantulas.  Really, God?  Tick, chiggers, mosquitoes, brown recluse, and now tarantulas. 

I'm never sleeping again.

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♥ Michelle said...

ok, I'd leave. Back to city life I'd go!!