Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picture Time Again

These are pictures from our trek yesterday.  This is a mushroom of unknown variety.  Thankful our children know to not eat mushrooms, I am not having to jump up and destroy this.  It is beautiful to look at and am fascinated with (when I have time) trying to discover the variety.

This is a rock shelf.  There are tons of these on the property and I find them really neat.

This looks to be a fox hole.  Not the kind that a fox would dig out, but more of a trap for wild animals.  No, we did not poke anything down there to see what might be.  We left it alone and told the children to do the same.  We will explore it further at a later date.

I laughed when I first saw this.  Here we have leaves, rock, and trees all around and this one little bity circle of grass.  So not only do we have a reverse "crop circle" type thing going on, but if you look carefully, you see a frowney face.  So we have depressed aliens making crop circles?

This is a larger rock cliff.  I love these things and find them fascinating.  I don't know why, but I just do.

A "pastoral paradise" among all the trees.

More woods.  We have lots of these around here. 

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