Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sirens? Really? Out here?

Yesterday, I discovered something new.  Ozark County Ambulance crosses over the state line.  No, we did not need an ambulance.  I heard sirens.  This is totally strange way out here.  Sirens?  Really?  Am I hallucinating?  Husband and Charlie were trekking through the woods to remark the corners and all kinds of thoughts went through my head.  he had not been answering his cell even though there was supposed to be an hourly check-in.  (I didn't know he had lost the phone at this point.)  I load the girls in the van and we drive out to the road.  I see an ambulance go by and knew they were not after Husband or Charlie.  Figuring since I already have the girls in the van, I would go into town for mail.  I get into town and find out it is opening day of turkey season.  So, at this point our best guess is a hunting accident.

Anyway, with Husband's side of it, he hears the sirens as well and it was at that point he discovered he lost his phone.  He treks home as quickly as he can through underbrush and overgrowth and finds me gone.  He is thinking at this point the ambulance came for us and he is scared out of his mind.  He knows that I wouldn't bother waiting for an ambulance if I can get to the hospital on my own faster.  That the only time I would call an ambulance is if life-saving equipment is needed.  I'm on my way back home going down the main road and see him go past flying like a bat out of hades.  I hit the brakes, turn around and he is turning around.

We decided that it is time to put up a dry erase board and I am going to put a shoe lace on his blinking phone!  We went back through the woods retracing his steps and found the phone no problem.  (GPS units are very handy.)  We decided to take the opportunity to do some more exploring.  I got some pictures and will upload them later.  At some point.  Before the end of the century.  It is amazing just how gorgeous everything is.  We found some dry creek beds as well as a creek that still has water in it.  We wanted to go on, but knew we had to come back to the house so dinner could be made. 

Last night, Husband and Charlie slept outside down by the controlled burn.  They got washed out and moved themselves into the truck.  I went down to check on them a few times during the night.  Once was to let Husband know that there was lightening in the area.  I had to wake him up for that.

I got very little sleep last night.  Between the rain and the wind and the girls wanting to play and the wood stove giving me fits about lighting (never did stay lit) I didn't sleep a whole lot.  So, I am going to get myself some coffee and get going on my day.


IMLS said...

George and Mom used to have those contraptions where they listened to all the police calls (Buffalo, NY. Don't known if they still make them but it might be handy. Not just for goings on with you guys but others in the area. Just a thought what happens if the lake floods? Are you up the side of the hill far enough?

♥ Michelle said...

police scanners?