Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What did I get myself into?

I am now a den leader for Charlie's scouts.  Husband is Cub Master.  We went through the Youth Protection Training and there is an all day training in Springfield on the 9th.  Then the next den meeting is the 24th.  October 1 is the first Daisy meeting for Bethany.  Oct 2, I have an information table for breastfeeding.  Oh, and Saturday, the pack is in a parade.  October 21 is the board meeting for the domestic violence shelter.  October 23 is a pack meeting with den meetings on October 12 and 26.  Den meetings are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. 

I thought we were supposed to become isolationists.  What happened? 

Anyway, all the children had fun at the scout meeting tonight.  Charlie had a blast being around boys.  He also did a dramatic drop to the floor when I said "Guess what Charlie?  Not only do I get to be your mom and your teacher, but I also get to be your den leader!  Isn't that exciting?"  Bethany and Hannah are what's called "Cubbie Buddies."  They are the younger siblings of scouts so that parents can be involved.  They can participate in activities, but they don't get the ranks that go with it.

I am excited by everything that is going on, but I also know that I need to watch for burn out.  Knowing that scouts (boy and girl) get summers off will make a huge difference.  I also know that some things will never go away.  Helping moms and babies with breastfeeding, helping out with the domestic violence shelter, both of those don't take summers off.  As such, neither will I. 


Tisha said...

go momma!

IMLS said...

Things have changed in the last 35 years used to be you weren't supposed to have your own child in your den. They felt the parent might expect perfectionism or favoritism if their child was in their own den.

♥ Michelle said...

IMLS, it's been my experience in the past 10 years or so that most of the den leaders have their own children in their den, mainly because there are so few willing to volunteer. In fact, it is more surprising to me to know of a parent who puts their child in a program like this who DOESN'T end up leading it at some point in time.

Same goes with organized sports, which I very much disagree with the parent coaching the team their child is on. Too many times I've witnessed favoritism as well as excessive pressure being put on the child of the coach. It isn't fair to the child or the other team players. I don't really see the same types of issues in scouts with parents playing favorites or expecting perfection. Scouts really isn't about that. There will always be the one child in the group who has to have ALL the badges and do ALL the stuff... regardless of who the den leader is. I remember when we participated in the Pine Derby. There is NO WAY those kids made those cars without 95% of it being done by mom or dad. They were too perfect and sophisticated. I felt bad for those kids because I am sure they missed out on the learning experience of getting to make it on their own or with just very little help. Our kid's cars looked kind of sad next to the polished ones that were out there, because our kids did the majority of the car on their own, as they should have.

Kudos to you for having the time, patience and energy to do all that you do, Kim. I am sure the kids in your den will learn so much more than other kids in other dens because you go above and beyond when it comes to teaching life lessons and skills.

IMLS said...

I think every parent who has a boy in Cub Scouts should be required to watch the movie "Down and Derby" I laughed my socks off. It goes along with what Michelle is talking about.
Also when my son was in scouts it was 1973. I still have his and my daughters badges. She was in the Brownies. It was a hoot. Such good memories.

♥ Michelle said...

Yeah, I happened to see it (D&D) on tv, not the whole thing but the very end where they are having the competition. I could relate well LOL
I wasn't in girl scouts as a child. I was in Campfire Boys & Girls... same ideas though.

Kim, you said they break over the summer, but isn't that when they usually do their camping stuff? That is what I remember from Campfire.