Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quiet Day

We didn't do a whole lot.  We got the goats and sheep moved to a temporary spot so the fencing can be moved to give them fresh pasture and fresh brush.  This is probably going to be a monthly event.  Everything will be moved and set up and them moved to their fresh area tomorrow.  As budget allows, we will be buying more cattle panels.  These things aren't cheap, but they are necessary if we want to grow the herd.

Husband got bit by another spider.  He has another bite on his foot.  He needs to get sneakers of some kind to wear when his boots are too painful.  This business of wearing his crocs outside is dangerous.  Spiders bite through socks.  Anyway, he is doing the whole activated charcoal thing.

The outhouse is now at its permanent home.  It needs to be leveled, but I can do that later.  I am also liking the washing machine where it is.  The whole cabin does not shake on the spin cycle and it is more lined up with the water tank.  How this will work for the winter, I don't know.  I am thinking laundromat in the winter.  We'll see.

We were discussing October menu and have decided on two rams a month.  Between ice and cooler temperatures and canning the meat, we don't have to worry about refrigeration quite yet.  I grumbled to my husband about needing a fridge and he reminded me that in a few weeks, the outdoors will be refrigeration temperature.  He's right.  Then this morning, I am reading a friend's blog about environmental awareness and teaching our children and she mentioned refrigeration in it.  Grumble.

Anyway, tomorrow's schedule is to set up the fencing and move the sheep and goats to their new, bigger area.  Tomorrow is also going to be burning a lot of dead brush.  Between the spiders, snakes, and children getting stuck in trees, the dead has got to go.  (Hannah had to be rescued just a minute ago thanks to her forgetting the "don't climb it if you can't get yourself down" rule.)

I need to get going.  I have children to rally around for pre bedtime clean up routine.

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