Thursday, September 2, 2010


By most people's definition, I am a conservative.  I am one of those gun-toting, bible clinging, God fearing conservative freaks.  By most people's definition, that also means that I don't care about the environment or the poor or the homeless or the this or the that.

I am a hunting, gun-toting, conservative who also happens to care about what happens to the planet.  Shocking, I know.

Know something even more shocking?  I care about the planet.  I care about the environment.  Yet, I think global warming as defined by the Al Gore hysterics is hogwash.  And I don't mean that sugary kool-aid stuff sold in gas stations.  (Although, with enough people believing it....  When did that drink come out?)

Another rant:  There is a book out that defines women who practice homebirth, herbal medicine, extended breastfeeding, raising and cooking their own food, etc are called "kitchen witches."  Excuse me?  I am not a witch.  (I'm not even a "witch" most days.)

I'd love to continue the rant, but I need to get going.  My little urchins need me at the moment and I have a cauldron to stir.


♥ recipe addict said...

I've seen kitchen witches for a few years now... I don't think it's new. I also think it's ridiculous the assumptions that people make.

Tread Softly said...

I totally agree that labels can be frustrating. As someone who could be defined as a liberal feminist vegetarian (and possibly a kitchen witch), I resent that people assume I somehow don't care about sound fiscal policy or supporting our troops.

As for the second rant, why are so many people trying to define modern housewives as something new and wild and different? My least favorite phrase is "radical homemaker," like there is something groundbreaking about baking cookies and hanging laundry. "Kitchen Witch" is an old phrase, but to call every woman who keeps a nice home a kitchen witch is as silly as calling everyone who agrees with the ten commandments a Christian. (And I say that as someone who has much love for both her Christian and Pagan family.)