Friday, September 3, 2010

Poor Charlie

He was helping with fencing this afternoon and dinner time came.  He said he had to stop working because the horseflies were bothering him.  Feeling in a teasing mood, both Husband and I started in.

"There were horseflies?"
"Did you ride the horseflies?"
"Did you train them?"
"Were there tiny horseback riders on the horseflies?"
"You need to go back there and train them."
"Go.  Go on.  You can't come back until you've trained all the horseflies."

He is looking from Husband to me and back again not sure if we've lost our minds or what.  Finally, he says "You're just teasing....  Right?"

Needless to say, we worked on fences today.  The last one is almost done.  It would have been done if it weren't for those pesky untrainable horseflies.  Then we can really get going on the separation of the animals.  I am trying to decide about one of the sheep which is blind in one eye.  Keep or butcher.  It depends upon how the rest of the exam goes.  If it is just a case of blind in one eye and is otherwise healthy, fine.  But blind in one eye and showing scars from being unable to protect itself from even the other animals....  We'll see.  I see a lot of canning meat in my near future.

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Wyatt Earp said...

Off with its head! Heh.