Monday, September 20, 2010


The heat caught me by surprise today and I did not stay hydrated very well.  I ended up getting weak and nauseous and taking a nap.  As a result, the fence is not done yet.  I am going to see what more I can get done now that it is cooling off.

We lost a goat to a spider bite.  She was fine yesterday.  She was up, moving, active, eating, drinking, and doing the things goats do.  She apparently got bit at some point after that.  This afternoon, she was down, couldn't walk, and her bite was black, spreading, and maggot infested.  We did the humane thing and put her down.  We will be having a fire tonight to burn her body and keep predators away.  Predators smell sick, weak, and dead animals.

Wednesday, we will be getting (or ordering) the windmill.  I am really looking forward to this.  We are going to put the windmill on the roof along with the solar panels.  We'll get better electricity that way. 

Husband's new medication finally came in and I had to go to town to pick it up.  I took the opportunity to call a friend of mine.  She wasn't home so I talked with her husband instead.  We hadn't talked in a while, so I pulled the van over so we could talk without losing the signal.  He grew up with outhouses and wood stoves and well remembers them.  I was telling him a bit about life out here including the wild life.  (Children included.)  I joked with him and said "So does this mean you won't come for a visit?"  He said he would "But only during the day and won't step foot out of the car."  I had to chuckle at that.  It was nice talking with him.  I got a chance to talk with another friend of mine earlier today (through many dropped signals) and it was great talking with her as well.  She also knows me well enough to say "Now you've talked about your husband and your children and your animals.  How are YOU doing?"

Well, I need to scoot.  I need to see what I can do to get that fence finished tonight.

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