Sunday, September 26, 2010

Never wanted to do this

I never wanted to make my blog private/invite only.  I've always been a fairly open book.  Real life, internet, blog, its all the same.  I don't change who I am for anyone.  That said, there are people who pick and choose bits and pieces from my blog and stir garbage on a message board.  They take one thing, twist it into something else, completely warp reality, and think their poop doesn't stink.  They have also been known in the past with other people who do not "conform" to their reality to make phone calls and mess with peoples lives.  While I have nothing to hide, I also am not going to go out of my way to defend myself against a pack of catty, bored women who want nothing more than to make other peoples lives a living hell.

Yeah, I found out that once again, the psychos at sybermoms had started yet another thread about me.  I get notified (sometimes by an e-mail and sometimes by a stat count jump) and follow a link.  Lo and behold, there is a five page thread about me.  And I don't even belong to this message board!  I never have.  I have no desire to.  They are an off shoot from a message board I belonged to and left three years ago.

Some of the stuff they say is laughable like the fact that I am making up the fact that Husband is diabetic and has seizures.  I wish that were make-believe.  The other stuff they say is cruel and scarey.  So, this is now a private blog and they can kiss my pale white backside.

I am still trying to figure out the whole invite thing because even though this is now a locked blog, I do still value feedback and insight into things.  I read all comments and I do find them very helpful.  Sometimes they let me know that I need to clarify something and other times, they help me look at something a bit differently.  And sometimes, they just give me encouragement when I have royally messed something up.  (Like burning two roasts to complete charcoal because I didn't differentiate in my head the slow cooker vs fire dutch oven cooking.  That was frustrating and I was near tears over the waste of the food, but a simple comment from someone outside the situation helped me to remember that I am still learning some "duh" things.)

Anyway, on to the day to day stuff that has been happening around here. 

We went to the store this afternoon after church and picked up some stuff.  I have a nice chicken stew cooking for dinner tomorrow.  The chicken has been boiled and while it cooled, I put the rice and beans in the broth.  Now, it is all simmering together.  Tomorrow, I will add carrots, onion, and seasonings.  I will also make dumplings. 

We had burgers for dinner tonight.  Husband cooked them on an open fire outside so they were extra yummy.  I also picked up some snack foods, cheese blocks, sour cream, and butter.

Tomorrow, we are going to have homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  I do need to be careful.  Although Husband's diabetes seems to be better controlled now, I don't want to ruin it.  I guess dumplings, burgers, and biscuits and gravy in a short period of time is probably not a good decision.  But I just have this desire to cook.  It has been cool all day today and it put me in a mood to have these rich, warm foods.

There was a funny earlier today and I tried so hard to not laugh at her.  I really did.  But she is just so dramatic at times it's hard not to.

Bethany had gotten disciplined for hitting her brother and she was not happy about that.  She's pouting and sniffling and putting on her gloves and hat and a scarf.  I look at her and ask her what she's doing.

B:  I'm running away.
M:  Where are you running away to?
B:  I'm running away to the woods.
M:  Would you like me to call you for lunch?
B:  Yes, please. 

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Human Ape Along for the Ride said...

I am so sorry you have to deal with crap from the syberloons. It floors me that people think they can read the entirety of someone's life by a few entries.

Hopefully now you'll have some peace.

Glad G is doing better!