Saturday, September 25, 2010

Movie Night

Tonight is movie night with my husband.  We are (hopefully) starting a Saturday night tradition of watching a movie together after the children are in bed.  We're watching Flywheel tonight.  It appears to be a good movie. 

Our "neighbor" is moving out tonight.  She will come back tomorrow for what is left tonight.

We met another neighbor who lives out on this peninsula.  It is a wonderful couple who is raising their grandson.  She is actually the sister of the minister's wife of the little white church.  She had heard that I make cheese and asked me to show her how when the cows calf and she has milk.  I'm more than happy to teach her.

Not much else has been happening today.  Basic housework, yard work, animal care, feed pick-up, water run.  Same stuff different day.

Husband is doing very well.  He is improving by leaps and bounds.  He is able to walk without a whole bunch of agonizing pain and he is having a bit more energy.  As long as he takes the time to rest a few times during the day, he will be fine.

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