Monday, September 27, 2010

I see the light!

And it is coming from a big hole in the roof!  The two roofs (rooves?) are being made into one.  Husband is finally well enough to get it done so he started on it today and will hopefully finish it tomorrow or the next day. 

The biscuits and gravy we had this morning was really good.  (If I do say so myself.)  Too bad there were no left over biscuits or I would be having it for dinner. 

Bethany had her spinning lesson today and C was saying she felt bad because not a lot got done with Bethany with spinning.  I told her that with Bethany, the spinning is secondary to the attention she receives.  The two of them could be sitting down coloring and she would be just as happy.

I typed out the blow-up between R and me through text messages and me telling her to get out now.  I printed a copy and left it with S and R just in case.  Everything was typed verbatim and is still saved in my phone.  The ironic thing is the person she was looking for safety from is the person who helped her move out.  Granted she had been bringing him here against our wishes and even had him at a drunken cook-out of hers.  So, it's no wonder he helped her move.  I am glad she is gone.  She left behind a kitten, her chickens, and a whole bunch of garbage for us to clean up.

I picked up a couple dozen eggs from a local farmer so we could have sausage and cheese omlettes tomorrow.  My mouth is watering at the prospect.  (Either that or it is watering over the piece of chocolate that Husband just put in there.

Someday I may open my blog to the general public again.  I am still bothered by the fact that I had to do this.  But until the "ladies" over at psychomoms get a new target, I am keeping it invite only.

Time for bedtime routine here.  Good night.


♥ Michelle said...

we had biscuits and gravy last week for dinner one night. yum! I am in a soup mood as it gets cooler so we had potato soup tonight and tomorrow is tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches! :)

IMLS said...

we want pictures. more pictures. Have you got the cabins into one house with the rooms sectioned off? Is one cabin facing front and one back so there is a door and porch on the back and front as well or is both doors and porches facing the front. If standing facing the front where the porch is and walked in where are the areas/rooms placed. The kids all sleeping in their respective lofts now? Where do they do schoolwork at? How is that coming along? Is there a sheltered area for the goats and chickens? Did little Bo Beth's sheep ever come home wagging their tails behind them? Maybe the children (as opposed to "kids-baby goats" hehehe, could write some of the answers. Well better go fix breakfast for this old goat. Love ya guys

scavermom1 said...

Hi Kim,
I am sorry that the psychomoms have caused you such headaches...some people are just mean-hearted. Bob and I are busy hitting festivals and selling our native american flutes. We hope to get our house sold sometime next spring and head down to Florida to be near my mom and dad. If we move into an RV (the plan anyway) we will be able to hit events all over the Southeast and maybe get to visit you guys some time. It will also allow us the freedom to go visit the kids up in Wyoming too! You should see Erick now, almost walking, although he is still quite the pistol and I am sure drives his mom crazy! LOL
I think about you often and hope that you all stay in good health and spirits! --Kim