Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick post

I haven't blogged in a couple of days because we've been busy.  We opened up the roof to put the two cabins together as one with one roof.  I need to be taking more pictures so that we can document the progress.  (Note to self:  Never do a documentary unless my only job is picture taking and recording.)

I met someone else who moved to this area recently.  Him and his family moved from Florida and they are living now how we were a few months ago.  They will be going through the winter in a camper.  They have a 3 and a 6 year old.  It was neat talking to him.  I gave him a ride into town which gave us the opportunity to talk for a few minutes.  He is involved with the Royal Rangers and is hoping to start a chapter in this area.  It looks interesting, but it doesn't look like something we will be doing.

I like the open roof concept, but reality dictates differently.  I love the bright sunshine coming in during the day and seeing the stars against the black sky at night as I am sitting on the couch.  Maybe in the future we'll have a glass roof, but not now.  We are working hard to finish the roof.  The weather calls for bright sunny skies, but there is a big gray cloud moving in.

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♥ Michelle said...

Royal Rangers is the boy equivalent to Missionettes, both of which are the children's programs that the Assemblies of God (Pentecostal) church do. I was in Missionettes as a child. The girl's program goes through all the flowers, daisies, primrose, etc.