Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wonderful Time

I was surprised and pleased by how many people showed up today to see me.  There was E, D, D&R, C&D, J, J, H, and between all of us, 20 children.  I am sure I am forgetting someone.  It was so loud it was hard to hear and talk.  I laughingly made the comment of "Whose brilliant idea was it to meet here?"  (Yes, it was mine.)  But the children had a blast and the adults made an attempt at talking.  Some of my friends finally got to meet others of my friends.  Considering the fact that I am always bragging about one friend or another, it was nice to finally have people be able to put faces to names.  My friends are amazing people and I always feel humble being around them.  One has adopted a couple of children through the foster care system and still leave their hearts open to more foster children in need.  Another has made a point of helping to keep midwives around here.  Another is a retired La Leche League Leader and made the difference between me being successful at nursing or failing at it again.  Another not just homeschools, but realized that public schools were not working for her children and did something about it.  Another had made the sacrifice of uprooting her life and her family to go with her husband across the country for a year and had the patience to work with her children on the move there then back.  Two of them are on the autism spectrum.  Not only that, but she is also a Weight Watchers success story to the point that her inspiring story has helped others and she is working towards becoming a leader herself.  Another is battling cancer while raising an active toddler and works hard in her marriage while keeping a positive outlook on life.  And another is helping to raise her grandchildren.  How can I not feel humbled by being around such amazing people?

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