Friday, August 13, 2010


There is a delay in our return home.  We have more packing and loading to do.  A lot of stuff was given to a friend of ours and we helped bring it to their home.  All the heavy stuff is packed and loaded.  Now, it is just a matter of all the rest of the stuff.  All my fabric and clothes in the basement are going to have to go through a washer and dryer due to black mold.  The stuff is not leaving the trash bags that they are sealed in until we are at the laundromat.  We'll take care of it in Isabella when we get home. 

I went with M to the midwife appointment and got to hear the heartbeat.  I also went with her to a sonogram and there is only one baby and it is a girl.  She had been thinking twins and feeling a lot of movement.  But, there is only one and she is highly active.  One is good.  With her going back to school in a month or so, she doesn't need two newborns when the winter semester starts. 

We have been discussing me coming back and making sure I am here in time for the birth.  (Threats of death and dismemberment had been thrown in.)  I assured her I will make it in time as long as she calls me at the first twinge of first sign of dilation.  I will be staying for a couple of weeks after the baby is born to help her.  She is due January 7, so from Christmas on, I will be on call.

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