Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My husband is wonderful

He is a much better person than me.  We needed our horse trailer so we could get the sheep and other animals.  (We are on our way right now.)  The horse trailer was being used by R to store her stuff that she has not gotten around to yet.

Let me back up.  When R came to us, she was looking for a place to heal and leaving an ex-husband who decided to show was a man he wasn't.  She needed a place to put a bunch of her stuff until she could find a place for it.  She put it in our cabin where our bedroom was going to be.  Well, a few weeks later, we needed our bedroom since we were actually getting moved into the cabin.  We tell her she needs to move her stuff.  She says she is not ready to move her stuff because she still has no place for it.  So, we move it to the front porch and cover it with a tarp.  Well, I was blocked from my washing machine.  I mention her stuff again and she still has no place for it, but I want my front porch back.  So, we put it in our horse trailer and bring it up to her place.  After leaving it there, she still had not touch it.  So, this opportunity comes up with this herd we are getting.

Me:  "R, we need our trailer for the sheep."
Her:  "Or I can find one for you to use."
Me:  "Or I can use my trailer."
Her:  "I can find one for you to use that us bigger than that one."


So last night, she sends me a text to let me know by 10:00am if she will have a trailer available for us to use.

This morning, she tells us that the trailer she was going to allow us to use has an issue with a ball bearing so we won't be able to use it.

Which brings me to why my husband is a better person than me.  I had to unload all of R's stuff (after loading it into our cabin, then onto the porch, then into the horse trailer) and I was ready to just stack it all out in the open.  He has me put it all on a pallet, makes sure that at least part of it was under her awning, and then cover it all with a tarp.

"We need to show compassion to people and do things right even when it is not being done right to us.  Taking the extra step to help protect her stuff from both the ground and any rain that might or might not come is the right thing to do."


I am thankful that when my patience and compassion and "do the right thing because it is the right thing" barometer has petered out, he is there to remind me of what I already know.

Oh, and to make things more interesting, her ex- that she went running from, she is now working side-by-side with doing logging.  And, she is talking about how great and wonderful he is.


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