Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Husband had a VA appointment today and can I say the doctor is an idiot?  In his mind it seems, if a person is diabetic, it is because they are fat.  "Weighing yourself daily and keeping your weight dropping is a better indicator of how your glucose levels are doing than finger sticks."  He even told me "Get him looking like a bean pole and he all of his health problems will disappear."  Incidentally, Husband has lost over 50 pounds.  He has a ton of loose skin on him which is causing yeast rashes.  His father was a "bean pole" when he dropped dead.  (Diabetes and cardiac issues.  Same as Husband.)  The guy is a moron.  At least we are getting the referrals to the specialty clinics we need.

I am tired and my knee is throbbing.  It is a big, swollen, purple mass.  I fell and landed on it yesterday.  It is not happy with me today.  I've pretty much ignored its protests and have kept working.  I have to.  Stuff needs to get done for tomorrow.

By the way, I got a final count of the animals we are supposed to get tomorrow.
6 goats.  (This, I was right on.)
4 dogs.  The biggest is 175 pounds.  The rest are around 100 pounds each.  (I thought 3 dogs.)
21 sheep.  (Husband thought we were getting 9 and I saw 18 written somewhere.)

We're nuts.  I am going to pick up a couple of fresh notebooks for animal tracking.  We also know where they are going to go.  They are going to the "Old Homestead" site which is a shelf on this property about spitting distance away.  Pictures will be in the next post if I get a chance to upload here in a few minutes.

"When I grow up and get married and be a mommy, I am going to be a good mommy just like you.  But first I have to get the bad out of me because I am bad sometimes when I do bad things.  But then I do good things and I can be good and then I can be a good mommy."

She goes and tells Husband this and we both go to give her a kiss and she gives him a kiss first and she turns to talk to me:
"I kiss Daddy first because he has seizures and I want him to know that I still love him even though he has seizures."

I have no clue where she gets these things from, but if I don't record them, I will forget.

Hannah (in reference to dinner):
"Mommy, did you make this all by yourself?"  (It was pasta and sauce.)
"Yes, Punkin'."
"Wow!  That is amazing!"
Apparently, cooking up pasta and adding cheap store bought jar sauce is amazing in the eyes of a three year old. 

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Barb said...

Ba, Ba black (?) sheep have you any wool? Yes sir, but not yet sir; cause first i have to catch them, shear them, clean the wool, comb the wool then spin the wool.
So do the children have the animals all named yet? Which ones have they sneaked up the lofts to sleep with. Hey better than teddy bears or dolls except they can't undress them. LOL!!!