Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We got part of the herd.  We picked up six goats, six sheep, and one of the dogs.  The dog weighs oer 175 pounds, her fur is so matted it looks like it has never been brushed in her life (and she is 6 or 7 years old according to the gentleman) and is completely infested in fleas.  So, we have our work cut out for us there. 

All the animals come with Russian names.  Since I can't pronounce anything in Russian, they are getting renamed in English.  We will also be taking pictures of each animal for our records with their new names on them.

I asked about pregnancy and due dates for the animals.  "I don't castrate and the males and females run together."  There are at least a couple of sheep who look like they are pregnant.

Tomorrow, we will pick up the rest of the herd in another two trips.  After that, we are going to shave the dogs.  And the sheep.

That's another thing.  These sheep are not all hair sheep.  There are wool sheep as well and they look like they need a good shaving.  All fur, hair, wool, etc from this shaving is getting burned.  Then they are all getting treated for external parasites such as fleas, lice, etc.

Illness-wise, they look healthy.  No eye drainage.  No sign of respiratory illness.  No lethargy.  So except for matted fur and fleas, they look great.  We will get a better look tomorrow when we do individual exams.  They are all getting a hands on exam when their picture gets taken.  We are also going to do herd separation.  Males on one side, females on the other.  Dogs will be separated as well.  We will end up with one dog that is fixed and three that aren't.  A male and two females.  The male and fixed dog will go with the male goats and sheep.  The female dogs will go with the female goats and sheep.

Anyway, it's late and we have an early day tomorrow.  It is also going to be a long night.  Coyotes are circling.  Indiana....  Arkansas....  Some things never change.  Off to make sure the shotgun is ready.

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Michelle in Illinois said...

I can't wait to see some pic updates of all the animals, their living areas etc. I really admire your strength and courage to do all of this. I know it can't be easy with young children and health issues etc. I can also imagine your frustration with "R" and the trailer situation. I think I would be tempted to, like you, dump it in her front yard and force her to deal with it. Or tell her you have to start charging her a rental fee since you can't use it. Sounds like it worked out though... except for the deal with her hubby. I honestly think that some people will never learn... and even if they learn with one person or situation, it just happens again in another.