Monday, August 9, 2010

I am annoyed

How is it that the building inspection department can come up on a property that is set back far away from the road and ticket a vehicle for abandonment when it is on private property?  It is not like it is in the city parked on the street.  (Most places in the city are on street parking.)  The inspector showed up today during the one hour we were gone from the house.  We called to see how reported it since their policy is they don't ticket unless someone complains.  For someone to complain, the person would have had physically come on the property (trespassing) and know the property and what is on it to file a report.

Once again, I have my suspicions but no way of proving it.  We had called to find out who reported it since it is supposed to be a matter of public record and the response was "We don't write down who calls."  Then we get told that the front door was wide open and that could be considered a hazard.  To who?  A field mouse?  First of all, I did not leave the door open.  Second of all, this is private property and leaving a door open could be a ticketable offense?  Give me a break!  What happened to "Private Property."  And yes, there are signs up that say "Private Property."  Yes, we are abandoning this property, but we haven't abandoned it yet.  Give us a few more days.  But it is the principle of the thing. 


Tread Softly said...

oh, that's horrible!

Were you able to point out to the police that you are obviously the victim of trespassing? In some towns I've lived in, you could inform the police when you are on vacation or long trips and they would drive by every once in a while to keep an eye on things.

Michelle in Illinois said...

wow, again, I must have missed something in not reading for a couple of days. abandoning that property???