Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Did more packing today.  I got some boxes from Mandie and am getting things somewhat organized.  It is strange just leaving piles of junk laying around for whomever to clean up. 

Mandie is 19 weeks pregnant and I felt her belly and measured her uterus.  She is measuring 27cm and I felt two lumps.  She has an appointment with the midwife and I am going with her.  I really, really want to be a homebirth midwife.  Life seems to be leading me in that direction, but it is going to have to wait a while longer.

What is even neater is I showed her husband where her uterus is and had him feel to see if he could feel the babies.  He felt around and was trying to be oh so gentle when Mandie piped up and said "You are not going to hurt me or the babies.  You can press harder."  So with that encouragement, he did and he felt one of the babies.  He is so excited.  Although this is her fifth pregnancy, it is her third healthy.  (Jake was born 25 weeks gestation and she miscarried at 15 weeks about 6 months ago.)  So for her, having a healthy pregnancy is something she has experienced before.  For him, the only experience he has had is evidence of two healthy pregnancies, but for him, his first experience was Jake followed by a miscarriage.  So seeing a healthy pregnancy and feeling a baby is awe-inspiring for him.  He never had the chance to experience this. 

I reminded her again to call at the first possible maybe sign of labor when the time comes so I can be sure to make it in time.  I'm supposed to be here for the birth.  It is an 8 hour drive with no stops.  She is due in the winter.

In other news, We went to the Evil Empire and I got a new pair of sneakers since my old ones (Shoes for Crews) fell apart on me at the seams along the sole.  I also got me a $5 backpack to keep my stuff in since I don't carry a purse.  We also got my SIL a gift card to say thank you for putting up with us.  I know it is not easy for her going from a nice quiet, peaceful house to an invasion of us.  We come here, eat her food, dump our children on her so we could do the stuff we need to do, and then leave a few days later leaving behind a trail of chaos.  So to let her know that we do love an appreciate her, we got her a gift card.

Well, it is late and I am going to head to bed.  I have court tomorrow and made sure again that I have all the papers I need showing proof of payment.  Yes, I am OCD with some things and slightly paranoid.  But, as I was telling a friend of mine tonight, I really don't look good in orange so I am trying to avoid that scenario.

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