Saturday, August 14, 2010

Packed Finally!

We are finally packed up and everything is strapped down.  The only thing missing is Granny's rocker.  We checked and aired up the tires in the trailer.  Husband had a seizure and about an hour later collapsed from the heat.  He laid down for close to two hours and slept on the floor.  When he got up, his body was one giant charlie horse.  He actually cried out in pain.  We worked through it, though.  We got everything loaded up and strapped down.  There are a few things we wanted to take that we are leaving, but that is ok.

Whatshisname stopped by.  The guy that came down with us and then left.  I said to him "We were told that there has been someone with a white pickup truck coming around here and we are missing a band saw grinder."  Immediately out of his mouth "As God is my witness, it wasn't me."  He has a white pickup.  I have also heard his "As God is my witness" claims many times before.  I am not impressed.  His claim is usually in relation to a lie he is saying.

We also settled the money issue.  Although we could easily make the claim that we never asked him to leave any of it and that he just abandoned everything, he still wants money for it.  We'll give him the money for it and pay it the same way I do the child support.  Postal money order certified mail and return receipt.  We had asked for an itemized receipt and he didn't have it, but there was the credit card receipt.  He has already said he is never going to pay off the credit card.  But that makes no difference.  We have an ethical responsibility to do our part.  And that is to pay him for the stuff he abandoned.  It is the right thing to do.

Later, I am going to upload and post the pictures of the truck and trailer.  It is scary and amusing.

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Human Ape Along for the Ride said...

Whatshisname is a dirt bag and I am very sorry you had this experience. :-(