Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crazy Day

I am tired and it has been another long day.  We got water this morning and did a bunch of dishes and a load of laundry and made sure the animal tank has been filled.  We marked out where the fences are going to be put and took a few moments to look to the future with fence expansion. 

I went to go to Terrys for feed and flea stuff, but they were closed.  They close at noon.  Anyway, I managed to get a bag of feed and I went to go to an ATM to get cash so  could gas up and get a treat (ice cream) for everyone.  Only to discover that my debit card (along with everything else) had fallen out of my wallet.  Lovely.  I stopped at the gas station for some chocolate (I needed chocolate at this point and had enough change) and found out the lady behind the counter who looked horrible had been bitten by a brown recluse and was looking at the possibility of losing a chunk of her thigh.  AAAHHHH!

So, I rush home and (R had been with me) we gather activated charcoal powder, garlic capsules, vet wrap, and a bunch of other stuff.  (This also reminded me that I need to restock my supplies.)  We head back and I am slathering on a paste of charcoal powder and water to her thigh and putting gauze over it and wrapping it.  (Activated charcoal draws out toxins.)  We gave her explicit instructions on the rest of the stuff and how often to change the bandage, etc.  It all got written out.

While there is no guarantee that this will prevent a doctor from cutting, it will greatly reduce the chances of it happening. 

Anyway, with my debit card now in hand, I withdraw money, fill up my tank, and pick up some groceries including cherry chocolate ice cream.  While I was annoyed with myself for forgetting my debit card to begin with, I am thankful with how things worked out.  I will find out next week if she lost a hunk of her thigh or not.


amy in oregon said...

I am concerned about your recent posts regarding your husband. To be frank, I am expecting blog about the fact he dropped dead of a heartattack.I know this is blunt, but really I dont know how else to say it. Pain down his left arm,seizures on going, etc etc.. have you made plans on how you and your kids will live day to day if you are alone?
I do not understand why you are in insisting he gets better medical care? Why are you settling for poor care? Involve a patient advocate. Demand one.
I also do not understand why you are living like you do? Why not purchase a piece of land that was ready to go.What are you trying to prove? Driving a horse and buggy to church, really?
Think about what I wrote regarding your husbands health, he needs to take better care of himself or you will be a young widow.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Husband's Health: If you had actually read the follow up, you would see we did see a different VA doctor from the first one. And, he is getting a medication switched to one that does NOT cause seizures. This new doctor is an idiot, but at least he actually looked at Husband unlike the last VA doctor. And this was after talking with patient advocate.

As for this piece of land, it is what we wanted and we are making a go of it. We now have electricity and water. We have a house. Granted it still needs work (insulation, a couple more interior walls, interior plumbing, etc. But, it is ours and we did it.) And, why not do it? This is OURS. There is no electric company to deal with. There is no water company to deal with and boil orders hours after the discovery of it being needed. (How much water - and this includes coffee, tea, soups, etc) do you drink an hour or two before a boil order is called for? And how much time elapses between the time of a boil order and the time you actually hear about it?)

We aren't trying to "prove" anything. We are trying to live how we choose to live. Carving out our own life to live the way we want to. Aren't you trying to do the same in your own way?

Driving a horse and buggy to church - Why not? There are horses and buggies in town right now. There have been horses ridden into town when roads were too washed out for vehicles. In reality though, we don't have a buggy. We don't even have a horse. We have a donkey.

As for me being a young widow, it is something we have faced the possibility of since our wedding day. I am fully aware of his family history and his health history. Believe it or not, he is actually healthier now than when we first met.

How will we make a go of it if I suddenly find myself a widow? I keep going just like any good wife and mother. I keep going with half of me missing and my heart ripped out, but I keep going just the same. Again, it is something that we have talked about at length just like any responsible couple. We discuss the "what ifs" in life. Including if I were to go first and how or what he would do.

amy in oregon said...

I am glad to hear your husband is advocating for his health care.
It still leaves me wondering what happens when you need 911? Are you prepared for your children to possibly watch their father pass in front of them? I just do not see the wisdom in attempting to start from scratch with your limitations in your family. Healthy, income, experience, education etc.
Winter is fast approaching will your home be ready to go? No insulation, etc and you are expecting your children to stay safe and warm? I get the whole pioneer spirit and all, but I do question the real possibilty of some tragic thing happening amist all of the craziness.
How do the people who swim and boat on the lake take to you washing your clothing with laundry detergent in the same water? I know it would not go over here what so ever.Are you planning on having laundry in your home? I would imagine washing in the snow and rain will be a difficult.
I admire your work ethic, I just question how sane you are.