Friday, August 27, 2010


We got the donkey loaded.  It is a giant donkey and is the size of a big horse.  He is also very stubborn.  It took time, patience, and creativity to load a creature who did not want to be loaded.

We still have one dog and one ewe coming to us, but we aren't going to worry about that until next week.  We'll be going down into Yellville to pay the mortgage and we can meet up with him then to get the last two animals.

On another bit of good news, yesterday we went into Yellville to register the horse trailer, boat trailer, and boat.  The trailers are "Permanent Plates" meaning they never expire.  The boat is good for three years.  Works for me.

I am tired.  We have done a lot of chasing, corralling, loading, unloading, lather, rinse, repeat.  All of this with all three children being restless, excited, and bored all at the same time.  As is typical with children, they are excited about the end result, but having to stay out of the way for their own safety while we chase and load means they get bored and want to be involved. 

I was good.  I did NOT ask about the cows.  I was tempted, but I resisted.  As it is, we ended up with a giant jack.  I need to take over driving here in a few minutes.  Husband is more tired than me and we are heading home with the donkey in the horse trailer.


♥ recipe addict said...

so what does one do with a donkey? Someone between here and charleston has a donkey mixed in with their cows and I can't figure out the purpose of it.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

A donkey mixed in with cows is most likely to keep coyotes away. Generally speaking, donkeys don't like canines and and will stomp them to death. (Exception being if they are raised with dogs. But they will still stomp other dogs that they have not been raised with.)

For us, the donkey is going to be a working donkey much like a working horse.

♥ recipe addict said...

ahhh, see, I learn something new every day. I always wondered why when I drove by that field there was a lone donkey there with all the cows. It's very cute.