Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wonderful Visit

A came over to my SIL's with her baby (and btw, A has a very cute new hair cut) and we went from there to M's house.  M is looking adorable with her pregnancy and she does look like there is more than one in there.  We sat and talked and watched TV and watched the babies and children play.  M looked at me when I got out of the van and said "Wow!  You have lost weight.  You look so different."  I'll take that as a compliment.

She is also concerned about me making it to her in time for the birth of her baby.  (Babies.)  I told her to call at the first contraction or the first sign of dilation.  I'm only 8 hours away.  I will be there.  She said she will hold it over my head forever if I'm not.  She then mentioned R (her husband) having a fear of vomiting or passing out.  I told her that if he does, I will hold it over his head forever.

On the way back, I spoke with D for half an hour.  She got home with her family from vacation last night.  So, we got to talk and share stories about each of our trips.

When we come back in August, I would like to stay longer and be able to visit with people more.  In the meantime, I am anxious to get home.  I am wondering about the goats and other animals and how they have survived with the mountain lion and us not around.

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