Friday, July 2, 2010

Business Taken Care Of

We went to the bank and made our vehicle payments.  We went to the insurance company and cancelled homeowners and umbrella policy while paying the auto insurance.  We went to Second Ave to talk to the tenant and got one month from him.  That leaves him still two months behind and still filled with excuses.  I am tired of it and so is Husband.  Husband is going to type up a letter.

We went to the house in New Goshen and got some more stuff out of there.  It was not easy and while there the "Other Family" showed up.  They are trying to say we owe them $2400 for everything.  I want an itemized list complete with receipts.  I also know that they took back a bunch of stuff with them.  We are not going to pay for something we don't have.  We also never asked them to leave anything.  They could have taken everything with them.  Also, with the camper that they left (not for any altruistic reasons, but because they were incapable of towing it out of there themselves) we want ownership papers.  If we are going to pay him for the thing, we want the papers.  Otherwise, they are free to come and get the thing out of there themselves as they have been since the moment they left.

The rest of this week-end is to be used for relaxation.  I would like to take SIL out for dinner either to Ruby Tuesday or Red Lobster.  Both are places she enjoys.  We'll see how well the plans work.

Husband and I have been talking about some of the finer points of the cabin.  Such as cutting out a section of wall on each cabin to make it one big cabin and wiring DC and how to go about that when it comes to appliances.  Basically, we are going to need batteries and inverters.  We went to Wetnight RVs here in Indiana and looked around.  They have wiring, exhaust fans, inverters, electrical, plumbing, etc.  How best to equip a cabin with DC stuff than a place that specializes in equipping a house (on wheels) with DC power.

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