Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rain, rain, welcome rain. Cool things off. But do you have to leave the air so muggy?
I did laundry by hand this morning and it is not hanging on the line. Will the rain continue or not? That is the question as I look outside.
The children are doing their schoolwork. They are all working on math right now. Charlie is getting a refresher in triple digit addition before going back to multiplication. Bethany is working on order. (648, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, 655, ___, ___, ___) and Hannah is practicing writing “her” number. (The number 3 since she is 3 years old.) It has been a while since we focused on math and it shows. They’ve been doing a lot of reading and practical application and in the mix, worksheet math has been forgotten. Shame on me.
I had a wonderful conversation this morning for over an hour with a friend from St. Louis. She home schools as well and she had mentioned her children doing word problems this morning. That was what made me realize that we haven’t actually done worksheet math in a couple of weeks. So, I corrected that error and the girls are enjoying it. Charlie isn’t. He has never been a math fan. But math is a necessary part of life. You can’t go through life without it.
We had pancakes for breakfast and will have pancakes again for lunch since we have left-over batter. Dinner will be…. Something.


We have running water! YAY! We don’t have running hot water. We still will need to heat that up, but hey. Gotta start somewhere. When we get our kitchen done, we won’t have hot water in there. We will still be heating water up on the stove then. The only place we will be having hot water in the house will be the bathroom for the sink and shower. Most water usage in the kitchen with the exception of washing dishes is cold water. Cooking, washing vegetables, etc are all cold water activities. Cleaning the counters and table is a spray bottle of cleaner (vinegar) and a sponge. Mopping the floor is filling the mop bucket from the bath tub.
We almost had road kill stew last night, but the meat was spoiled.
What happened was two nights ago, someone from Illinois had hit a deer. They called the sheriff to tell him the deer is still alive. (And? The deer will die eventually.) We were on our way back home when we came upon them yesterday looking for the deer they had hit the previous night. We had stopped thinking they were lost and that was when they filled us in on what had happened. We looked and the deer was still alive. (Beautiful looking doe.) There was nothing we could do then (we had the van) but assured them we would be coming back through in a couple of hours.
When we did come back through, we stopped and Husband pulled out his handgun and put a couple of bullets in her. He loaded her in the back of the truck (the same truck that is smashed in) and brought her home.
While gutting her, everything looked good until he got to the upper cavity. The upper intestines were perforated. She had been alive and suffering too long with her blood flowing and all of that bacteria going through her system. (Incidentally, she had broken legs and a broken back. Shooting her was the humane thing to do.) So, he loaded the carcass back up and dropped her about ¾ mile away for the wildlife.
But Miss Kim, you have no refrigeration. What would you have done with all that meat?
I would have cooked a LOT. We would have eaten deer for about three days then given what was left to the dogs and chickens. Coolers with ice keep things very cold.
Back to home schooling. Charlie’s math mental block lasted all of five minutes. Out of 40 problems, he got three wrong and fixed them with no issues. I am proud of him. Hopefully he will pick back up on multiplication that easily. He struggled with it when he was first learning. I will start him back at the beginning with single digit multiplication. He was at double digit multiplied by single digit and had some struggles. We will see how he does. I am pleased with what he retained so far and if we have to start at the beginning and stay there for a few weeks, I am ok with that.

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Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

MK will probably start back on her math after this week. She has one more week of tennis camp and I think I might allow her a week of down time and then get her back to work on math. She's been so busy with tennis camp, Bible school, and Bible school horse camp that we decided to give math a break until all the camps are over. She won't be happy when we get back to it.