Monday, July 12, 2010

From Saturday Night

We got more of the stuff from the “camp site” to the “home site.” We still need to bring up the rest of the fencing, the rest of the shelves, and the wood burner. All of which will have to wait until we get the truck back. We are dropping it off tomorrow evening and will be without it for a couple of weeks.

Husband took a nasty fall today. I am surprised at how well he is doing. He wasn’t moving for several minutes and when he did move, it was very slowly and very stiffly. He is still slow and stiff, but he is moving. His meds arrived from SIL today. They were supposed to have been here Thursday, but that obviously didn’t happen.

We might be having a “neighbor.” She is going to be responsible for her own life, food, animals, etc. She’ll help us when we need it and we’ll help her when she needs it. Her ex-husband decided to try and show just how manly he is. He lost the fight. But she needs a place to live while she heals her soul as she puts it. We have the acreage and she has her own stuff so we’re good to go. She’s trying to figure out logistics for a cow she has since this is wooded and not pasture land.

We have no expectations from her and she has none from us. I told her that except for illegal activities, the only thing we request is she not smoke around the children. I explained about Hannah having had RSV, both girls having had pneumonia February of last year, and Charlie having had whooping cough during that same time period. She understood and agreed readily. As she puts it “smokers choose to smoke.” I’m not telling her to not smoke, just not around the children. Oh, and not in our home which goes without saying.

I ran into a mom today with a five week old baby who is having to supplement “for right now” and I gave her an information packet, my phone number, and gave her some advice on how to increase her supply so she can stop supplementing. Hopefully, she can stop supplementing and give that adorable little girl 100% nummies.

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