Monday, July 26, 2010


My pap came back.  Abnormal.  Again.  Even after having the cryo treatment a few months back.  This was supposed to be a good pap.  (So was the last one, but that's beside the point.)  This was supposed to be the first of the three clean paps that I get before going back to the regularly scheduled once a year pap.

I am being referred to a gynecologist in West Plains.  When asked if I have a preference for a gynecologist, I said that I know no one around here.  Apparently, there are no local ob/gyn doctors around here.  They are all hours away.  Anyway, I said that I have two criteria. 

1.  No language barrier.  I don't want to have to struggle to understand through broken English or a thick accent while trying to figure out what is going on with me.
2.  I want someone who will talk with me and take their time to answer my questions.  I don't want someone who will talk at me or down to me.

So, an appointment has been made.

Now the question is how far does this go?  Is this doctor going to want another cryo treatment?  Do I want another cryo treatment?  What will happen if I just ignore this?  Will it go away on its own?  What if it doesn't, yet remains non-cancerous?  Do I just leave it?  What if I were to get my cervix removed?  Is that an option?  Is it an option that I even want to consider?  What if it were cancerous or becomes cancerous?  Then what?  I am not going to go through chemo or radiation.  That is something Husband and I have discussed at length.  I will do alternative treatments, but I will not do that.

I have thinking to do and I have praying to do and I have talking to do.  I need feedback and I need a sounding board.  That much is certain.


Anonymous said...

I will pray, and I have mutual feelings about cancer treatments.

If you have made any connections in the breastfeeding arena, I would certainly ask some like-minded mama what ob/gyn she liked and why. For instance, I wouldn't even want to go to an ob/gyn for a pap test if they were the kind of doctor who routinely recommend epiderals to ladies in labor. KWIM? That would tell me a lot about their philosophies. In fact, if I could find a mid-wife anywhere around, I might ask their opinion.

Other thoughts are that I would eat all the raw foods--fruits, veggies, nuts, etc, that I could to get the living enzymes, but I realize that this could be difficult given your lack of refrigeration at the time.


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear this. I imagine it is frightening. You are in my thoughts.

Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Kim, first, I love the word craptastic.

Secondly, I hope you will find out what you need to do and that all your questions will be answered and all your fears relieved. Please do write your questions out before you see the doctor so you won't forget any. . . and best of luck to you!

Keep us posted. My sister has had the cryo done more than once, but has a few years of good reports in between. Don't give up.

Michelle in Illinois said...

This is one reason I fear paps so much. I have had abnormal and cryo before too, but praise God, no reappearance of abnormal cells yet. It's been over 10 years for me. I don't know much about them but have they said or in research have you found what could cause abnormal cells? I know HPV can be a cause of abnormal cells... not sure if something else simple, such as diet, or maybe medications if you take something regularly, could be contributing? Is it possible that some people's bodies just naturally do this? (make the abnormal cells)? I wish I knew more and could help you out but I am really clueless. Praying that you and the doc figure something out soon and it's not life threatening.