Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Calmed Down A Bit

I've calmed down a bit from yesterday.  I still have all the "what-ifs" going through my head, but I know that nothing can happen and no questions can be answered until I see the doctor on August 17. 

We worked on leveling the cabins today.  Cabin 1 got leveled and Cabin 2 needs to be jacked up more to be even with Cabin 1.  cabin 2 still needs more leveling, but it is closer to where it was.  Husband had a seizure today after working so the rest of the day is going to be spent relaxing to give him recovery time.

Charlie is walking the goats one at a time.  Right now, he is out with Buttercup.  Hannah is out and about playing and getting into mischief.  Bethany is up to no good as well I am sure.  They all did a few more pictures that I am going to mail out tomorrow.

Tomorrow's itinerary has been hashed out several times and we will finalize it in a while.  Tomorrow is bill paying and errand running day.  I have also worked out our budget to the penny.

Yes, I am talking aimlessly, but that is about where I am at right now. 

I did make up a five gallon bucket of lemonade yesterday.  When I get ice, a bag goes in it and a bag goes in the water.  It gives us and especially the children something besides water to drink.

I'll blog more later.  I need to look up some stuff like brownies for Bethany. 

Oh, that reminds me of what else I was going to mention.  I got Charlie in scouts and talked with the scout leader.  (What used to be called a Den Mother.)  She was asking some questions and one of the questions is where Charlie goes to school.  I mentioned that he would go to _____ if he went to public school, but he is homeschooled.  She gets all excited.  "I am so glad you mentioned that because I am going to take the plunge into homeschooling."  We talked for a bit and now I am all excited to meet her in person.

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