Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bonus Find!

While in Mountain Home, we decided to look for a natural food store we had heard about on the radio.  Well, we didn't actually find it.  I mean we did on line, but didn't actually make our way there.  Instead, we passed another one, saw the name, and said "With that name, we have to stop and see."  It's called The Truck Patch Natural Market.  I wandered through the place and saw the variety of food and bulk items and decided I wanted to move in.  Their produce section has signs for the locally grown stuff that shows not only is it local, but local where and the name of the farm and growers.  Those that are not local are still organic by reputable companies such as Earthbound.  There is also an herbal medicine section that is run by a gentleman that used to work in a pharmacy.  He and I talked at length then he introduced me to another employee (owner?) and we all got to talking.

I mentioned the goats and the fact that although I am out of business right now due to the move then the mountian lion eating my milkers, I would love to have shelf space for the soaps.  They are also interested in milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, and ice-cream.  I told them I would have mutiny on my hands with my children if I handed over ice-cream.  The lady was ok with that.  They have to have goat milk ice-cream.  Ok.

We need more goats.

We also talked about parenting and illnesses and natural medicines and not vaccinating and birthing options and breastfeeding and everything else.  They have been looking to have educational seminars and want me to speak.  I told them that I am no expert except for when it comes to my children (and even then I question my expertise at times) but I am sure I can throw something together.  I left them my number and told them to give me a call.  I want to go back Friday when we pass through again and pick up some produce.  We will have the cooler with us so I can get some produce and a few other items.

Also, we found a Sears which means that a couple of Husband's tools that have broken (Craftsman) one of which he has had for over 20 years can be fixed or replaced.  He got a much needed circular saw and since it was below the budgeted amount, he also picked up a tester for wires and stuff (yes, I am very technical) and still remained below budget.  I budgeted high for the saw because I wanted to make sure he got a good one and didn't go cheap for fear of not having enough money only to have it break down a couple of weeks later.  He got a Craftsman.  I'm happy.

We are heading back to Theodosia and Husband is going to get a hair cut, we are going to fill up our gas containers, then head home.

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