Friday, June 4, 2010

Past few days.

I have apparently not transferred from my trusty crockpot to a fire as well as I thought.  I burned dinner using the dutch oven in the fire.  We had a roast that I would normally cook in a crockpot and had set it up in the crockpot, but it was not working with the generator (which had to run today anyway) so I transferred to the cast iron crockpot and put it in the fire.

Fire = hot.
Fire cooks faster than crockpot.

I did not take that into account.  So, guess who burned a beautiful roast?

On a good note, we did go swimming again today.  There is no rain in sight.  We have been having over 90* days with heat indexes reaching the triple digits.  It is hard working in these conditions.  But work, we do.

B has really impressed me with how far he has come in his speech and his writing.  His sentence structures have improved greatly.  If I had to guess, I would say he is now close to grade level.  While he would be grade 4 next year, I will keep him at grade 3. 

Tomorrow is the village yard sale.  The money from the yard sale will be used for July 4 fireworks and other community events.  We will go after we spend the morning working and hopefully make a few more contacts.

There is a local farmers' market that is just starting up and I met the market master.  It is free for vendors and we have an open invitation to jump in anytime this year and be an active part of it next year.  I also found out it is legal to sell raw milk in Missouri as long as it is not from the tank and you don't advertise.  The vendor smiled and said "Oreo cookies make good non-advertisements.  You have cookies out and people come talk to you."

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